Climb Everywhere

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

I find it hard to compare climbing to anything else I do with my time. Somehow, even on days that seem just a little more blue, I find myself hanging on door frames, crimping tiny edges around the house, and balancing on my big toes as I climb the stairs.

Whether it comes naturally or not, climbing is an activity which fortifies the bond between mind and body. Exhausting as it may be, exercising that bond feels incomparably good. There's a richness to testing your abilities, even outside of the climbing environment. Turning something as mundane as a door frame into a tool and transforming your everyday environment into a playground develops an entirely new outlook on life.

To me it feels a lot like being a kid again.

While spending a month in Cairo, Egypt I had to get creative to feed my climbing cravings and keep up the progress I made in the past months (achieving my first V7). I was happily surprised by the number of movements available in and around the confines of my concrete beach house.

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